Terrains and embargoed area


The terrain consists of a small number of hills/tops. The competition area is between 80 and 203 m above sea level. The terrain is almost 100% forest, mainly evergreen, with only a limited area of private family houses and a few roads.

Ounasvaara area has over 100 km 5-10 m wide ski tracks, some tracks for walking and biking in winter time and also a ski jumping hill and a small downhill ski slope in the northern side of Ounasvaara mountain. Rovaniemi has a subarctic climate between the warm Gulf stream in the west and the continental mass to the east. It experiences long and cold winters.

Embargoed area

With reference to the Competition Rules for IOF Ski Orienteering Events, the listed areas are out of bounds for all potential WUC Ski-O 2020 team members (competitors, team leaders, coaches, doctors, escorts, etc.) and other persons who, through their knowledge of the terrain or the events, may influence the result of the competitions being held during WUC Ski-O 2020.

Spelt out in detail this means:
• no organized orienteering activities may take place in these areas.
• no training sessions, i.e. running/races, testing routes may take place in these areas.
• no one with potential connection to a team (athletes or others) may visit the embargoed areas.

Embargoed area is displayed on a map below. Between Santasport and Toramo team members can use skiing track for training and warm-up before competition (green line on a map).

Restriction of using embargoed area starts from December 1st in 2019. Copies of the most recent versions of the ski orienteering maps of the embargoed areas are published on the event website.

Offences must be reported to the WUC Ski-O 2020 Office, e-mail: wucskio2020@santasport.fi.

Embargoed area map: