BEHIND THE SCENES: 2016 WUC Ski-Orienteering Champion Sonja Mörsky is now on the other side of the race – “I’m excited and want to make use of this opportunity”

Sonja Mörsky realised that ski-orienteering was the most challenging and interesting sport of all. Now She Is Taking part in organizing the upcoming championships.
Ski-Orienteering Finnish Championships 2018. Photo: Kai Hypen.

Sonja has been cross-country skiing and orienteering since she was a little child. As she grew up she found that she could combine the two in ski-orienteering and found that it felt the most interesting and challenging sport she had ever tried. Quickly ski-orienteering became her main sport discipline. She was part of the Finnish National Team and competed for Team Finland in international competitions for a decade.

Sonja took part in the first World University Ski-Orienteering Championships in Tula 2016 as an athlete, winning 4 medals overall: 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronzes.

“I think it was my best competition trip ever. Not only because of the good results in the races but mostly because of the people and the atmosphere there.”

Ski-Orienteering European Championships 2017. Photo: Jari Pylvänäinen.a

Currently Sonja is studying to become a Sports Instructor at Santasport Sport Institute in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Organizing sports events is one part of her studies. WUC Ski-Orienteering Championships 2020 offers her a challenge bigger than ever before. She is part of the organizing committee and works in several areas of general organization.

“When I got the chance to work for my own sport, I was excited and really wanted to make use of the opportunity to the fullest”

Sonja wholeheartedly welcomes all the athletes to Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle. She advices to enjoy ski-orienteering in Finnish Lapland, meet new people from other parts of the world and witness the Lappish atmosphere and the stunning locale.

Sonja Mörsky

  • Birthdate: 15-06-1991
  • Residence: Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Profession: Pharmacist, Sports Instructor -student
  • Champion in European, World University and Finnish Ski-Orienteering Championships

Follow her on Instagram @sonjamorsky

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